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#01 3D CMOS SOI for Hight Performance Computing The article summarizes the activities carried out at TIMA Laboratory / Politecnique de Grenoble to exploit a new 3D SOI tecnology for the design of a low power high efficiency 16x16 multiplier. December 1998 Paper pdf
#02 Programmare in Java la porta USB This article published on magazine "Nuova Elettronica" nr.246, gives a tutorial on the usage of USB ports in Java, with the step to step description of the NetaBeans IDE and low level serial port programming. Two SW are given as practical example LeggiUSB.jar and Datalogger.jar September 2011 Article (pages 1,2)
Nuova Elettronica
#03 Il Plicometro per tutti i sistemi operativi This article published on magazine "Nuova Elettronica" nr.249, gives a description on a SW develepod in java for the Plicometry measurements by a special clamp designed by NuovaElettronica connected through the serial port July2012 Article (pages 1,2)
Nuova Elettronica

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